You know what sucks? When you are a bisexual girl who has been in a very happy and committed relationship with a very supportive and caring "evil white cishet male" for the greater part of a decade and people find out that you and your partner have discussed the idea of you dating girls, and being told that "you should work on your relationship you selfish heartless cheating attention whore!!1" And this when we truly have a better relationship than the majority of people we know. :\

People suck. 

Hi! I'm a 16 year old bi girl. I like two of my friends. One is a guy who is also bi, one is a girl who might be biromantic. They are dating eachother. I can't help but be kind of jealous of them both for dating the other one. They're both attractive, nice, very honest and are good at explaining things. I found out I was bi a few months ago so liking both guys and girls is kinda new for me. So advice about my friends please?

First off, do you like them in a crush way or are you just attracted? If it’s deeper feelings, I’d back off and try to make myself realize that they’re emotionally committed to each other.

On a sexual front though, who knows. If they’re open and it’s something you’d enjoy, threesomes can be cool. Only if you’re really comfortable with them and the idea of it though, because (trust me) otherwise things get really awkward.

when your (straight)crush dates your (straight) ex boyfriend...


Hi, I've got a question. I came out as bisexual about a year ago and now I'm starting to realize that I am attracted to more than just 'cis' males and females. I find that I am attracted to boys who dress as girls and girls who dress as boys (transvestites?). Also, I'm equally attracted to males and females that have an identity as the opposite sex (transgendered, I think?). Does that still make me bisexual? I don't really need a label or anything, but I'm just curious. Thanks! :)

Depends entirely on who you talk to, really. Personally, I think the word bisexual actually describes people who are attracted to strictly masculine men and feminine women, but that those people don’t really exist since gender is such a non-black and white thing. Pansexual is a great term :)

I found out a few days ago I'm Bi. I've considered myself straight my whole life but I've always found some guys to be attractive. I always wrote it off as simple admiration but I don't think it was. I think it was physical attraction. Now at 25, I've become aware of this attraction. I keep wondering if I'm kidding myself into thinking I'm bi. I've never been emotionally attracted to men and the idea of dating a guy is foreign to me but part of me wants to go on a date with a guy. Advice? Tim C

Huh, I’ve never really suggested (or tried) this before, but wouldn’t this be a great use of online dating? As long as you clearly communicate to your date that you’re questioning and they’re okay with that, I think a lot of bi people go through a phase of experimentation. 

So I came out to my parents (who are very conservative Catholics) as bi 6 months ago, and they told me that they didn't support me in any way and then told me it's just a phase i'll grow out of. Now they keep making really homophobic remarks in front of me, and while i used to just brush it off it is really starting to bug me what should I do? Also there is this girl I really like but i'm nervous about telling her because she lives in Australia and i'm in the US, any advice on that too?

If you’re up to it, I’d speak to them and tell them how you’re feeling, that it upsets you because you identify as part of the lgbtq family and they’re being incredibly offensive. It’s incredibly hard to have parents who don’t understand and are hateful towards your sexuality, and all you can really do is set an example. Be patient when you can, explain yourself, and always remain positive about who you are <3

When your girlfriend begs you to "just choose" because "being bi isn't real."

If she can’t understand, you also can’t change who you are. 

I came out sometime last year and one homophobic girl keeps saying I should "just call myself gay" when she doesn't understand that's not how it works .-. I'm not gay , I am attracted to both genders, I'm bisexual. not homosexual. also, everytime I talk about crushes on girls she calls it "unnatural". I don't know what to do or what I tell her ?? could you Give me some advice please ?

Tell her whatever you feel like, if you even want to spend any more time on her. I usually go with: “Hm… well I can fall in love with, not to mention enjoy fucking, girls and guys. So if you have another word for it, tell me, but for now I’m going to keep enjoying the shit out of being bi.” And then don’t bother with dumb bitches anymore. 

"So… you’re gay, right?" #biproblems

So I've recently come out to a fair amount of close friends, as well as my mother, and told them I was bi. I told her, my friends as well, that I know for a fact I would be marrying a man (I'm a guy) and not a woman. I can't really explain how I know this, but I do. I would say that I like guys over girls 90% of the time, and it's that 10% that is keeping me from identifying as gay. A lot of people have a hard time seeing something that isn't monosexual, how can I explain this to people?

With exactly that many words :/ it’s sure hard to do because we don’t have anything close to the right vocabulary to describe the various types of attraction to different genders. Or you could just say, “I almost always like guys but there’s definitely a couple women who win me over.” If they still don’t let it rest and accept the way you see yourself, let it go unless they really matter to you.